I finally pulled the trigger on replacing my trusted workhorse MacPro with the 2016 build.  Of course this is always a huge undertaking when you have 100’s of fonts and multiple hard drives that cannot be “swapped” over to the new SSD machine.. But I digress.

After a fresh install of Adobe CC I had forgotten how much customization I had performed on my workspaces.  Many settings automatically transfer when you’re logged into your Adobe ID, which is great!

One that didn’t transfer over was the default ruler settings in InDesign.  In this video I take a few minutes to show you what really only takes a few seconds.

Here’s the quick written steps:

  1. Launch InDesign
  2. Select “Preferences”
  3. Click on Rulers & Guides
  4. Select the measurement units you want as the default

** If you have a document open the changes will not commit!