Professional Videography – Audio – Live Streaming – Photography

We offer:

  • 4 Simultaneous cameras to capture every detail
  • Recording of entire event to secure hard drives
  • Live pay-per-view web streaming of event
  • Online video hosting of entire event
  • Editing of event footage for highlight reel (great for promoting future events)
  • Professional photographers to capture special moments
  • Two large screens to project video coverage as well as slide and video presentations
  • From Logan to Salt Lake, Ogden to Provo and beyond we help bring your audio/visual and live event video needs to life
  • Stage Lighting
  • Stage Drapery
  • Professional audio and mixing

We can help you:

Increase Attendance

– Having professional video makes your event feel professional and exciting. It allows people to experience the event more clearly and be more engaged with the content. With our large screen projecting the video everyone can see what is happening on stage. Our large speakers make sure everyone can hear the excitement too. Our wireless microphones are hassle-free so your speaker can focus on their presentation instead of audio issues. We have a personal screen for the presenter to view their slides and a remote to allow them to advance content at their own pace.

Increase Exposure

– We can stream your event over the web LIVE to anyone with internet access! This allows you to increase attendance and revenue without losing actual physical attendees. It has been our experience that offering live streaming video allows people who would otherwise not attend events to attend without cannibalizing your in-person attendance. It also allows people who are hesitant about attending events to experience the excitement and attend in person in the future.

Increase Sales

-We offer pay-per-view so you can increase sales and attendance at the same time. If attendees want to cancel their reservation you can simply offer them pay-per-view streaming rather than a refund. People who stream the event are more likely to attend events in person in the future.

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I have worked with Tyson on many projects and I am pleased to say he is one of the best that I have ever worked with. I have done many TV and video productions and work with many different people in production and editing. Tyson’s creativity and attentions to details make him standout above the many I have worked with. If you would like more details please call me at 412-417-8227

– Dr. Daniel Pompa – Health Centers of the Future